whats going on at Black Rose Dagger Films 




Black Rose Dagger Films will be holding a panel on filmmaking at BlerDCon on July 1st called "Filmmaking: Concept to Completion"

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In Development

Black Rose Dagger Films is working on "Syn", it's first feature length film 

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In development

Black Rose Dagger Films is working on the follow up to it's award winning "Age of the Warrior" short film.



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age of the warrior

Two warriors are teleported by unseen forces to battle each other using swords and ki energy.


the interrogation

The Commander of a space station, the last survivor of a recent attack, refuses to give up the codes to the station's computers during the interrogation. His resolve will be tested when he comes face to face with a woman who specializes in extracting such information

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dark awakening: a star wars fan film

4,000 thousand years ago an ancient and powerful artifact capable of amplifying the dark side present in any force user to terrifying levels went missing and was presumed lost...until now. Its location has been discovered by the Sith on a remote planet and is theirs for the taking. All they have to do is defeat a small group of Jedi who have settled there. But, when the Sith Witch who created it returns to reclaim it an ancient battle resumes with the fate of the galaxy resting in the winner.