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Panel at BlerdCon (Film Making: Concept to Completion)

Panel Title: Film Making: Concept to Completion
Scheduled: Saturday, July 1 - 10:30am
Time Length: 80 minutes

Panelist: Tia Polite, Kevin Jones, Darlena Marie Blander, Wendell Smith, Sr.

Description for Program: Most of us have sat and viewed various movies and shows via TV, film and the internet, but how many have watched and dreamed of making their own, but just didn’t know where to begin. Two locally born creatives and their co-panelists, who have had their various works seen and heard from coast to coast, as well as internationally, show and tell you how they made it happen. Join award winning filmmaker, director, writer, visual effects artist, and actress Tia Cherie Polite (Owner & Founder of Black Rose Dagger Films) and award winning filmmaker, musician, sound designer, composer, cinematographer and VFX generalist, Kevin Wendell Jones, as they take you through the filmmaking process from concept to completion, including screenings of the short films "The Interrogation" and "Age of the Warrior", behind the scenes film clips and a live visual and audio effects editing session of a film.

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